If we look deeply enough at anyone,

we will see ourselves.


Narcissus (Caravaggio)

We suffer from conflict in all aspects of our life. Be it in the way we live our life, how we relate with our family, friends, and colleagues, how we manage our org, and how we address larger scale issues affecting our society.

There’s no part of our life unaffected by the pain of human conflict, which manifests in our world as ugly competition, abuse, trauma, violence and war…and in our heart as suffering.

And the wisdom from the beginning of time is universal: to truly address conflict, we must look within.

Our Name

Perspective” is our vantage point to reality. It is the theme of my life work over the course of the last 15 years, and an indication of our unique appreciation of how we experience the world.

Depth” is that when we need to see things deeply enough…deep enough to realize that what we’re looking at is merely a projection of ourselves.

I call myself a “Perspective Mapper“. Though I now feel Perspective Depth is the more appropriate name for my organization, this title I feel best describes the role I play in mitigating conflict — I’m not here as an authority, but as one who is uncovering a deeper point-of-view in conflict.

State of World

Our world is woefully unequipped to handle the conflicts we experience as human beings — on all levels. Conflict exists all around, is projected from all sides, and felt acutely within our hearts.

Our ability to process conflict is dependent on the maturity of our perspectives. And we need to evolve. Our society’s current approach to handling conflict is neither mature nor sustainable.

Upgrading our perspective of life, and each other, is arguably of top urgency. And this process starts within each one of us. I feel our work can help.


We provide 360 Perspective Workshops to help you and your group(s) reconcile conflicts you feel with each other.


NOTE: These are currently on hold, but contain some valuable content.

In addition to our service, we have several subsites that contain content around many of the issues. Our primary subsite is framed on mapping out conflicts, helping us transcend our enmities with each other (PerspectiveMapper.org). Our other subsites include insights to living more intentionally aligned with Deeper Self (ClearSimpleLife.com), cultivating a simple, universal meditation practice (PrimeMeditation.org), and sharing some markers for what our future 10-20 years might look like (OurFinalDays.com).


The flagship subproject is Perspective Mapper, starting in 2013, with its roots in 2009, as a deep effort to better understand the roots of human conflict. Its theme over this time has been research, contemplation, and missionary work.

Perspective Depth (previously known as SkillsandWisdom.com) is a consolidation of my projects centered around reconciling conflict in our lives, from within ourselves.

The work has been restructured and rebranded Jan 2021. In development for years, this work is coming into focus to help us navigate the unresolved conflicts we’re experiencing on our planet.


Do also join the project on our YouTube channel and Twitter feed. You can also get in touch with me personally. Text or call +1.973.679.4564, email at rkt@interposting.com, or find me by name on FB Messenger as well.

About Me

You can visit my personal site to learn more about me and my own perspective (RanjeethThunga.com).

I look forward to conversing soon.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper